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La Manga

This region boast over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, and its coastline is bathed by the warm waters of two seas. In fact, its coast is known as the Costa Cálida (the balmy coast), and is home to endless beaches and small coves which offer multiple options for leisure, sports and well-being.



Top 10 places to visit

Sierra Espuña

A vast mosaics of landscapes, history and customs.

The Sierra Espuña Regional Reserve is located in the central part of the Murcia region, between the districts of Alhama de Murcia, Totana and Mula. It is an area full of contrasts, where visitors will find everything from forests, steppes and high-mountain scenery; to rivers and reservoirs, and dry or irrigated agricultural areas… It has an average altitude of around 800 metres, and reaches a maximum height of 1,583 metres. The uneven relief of the Sierra Espuña range is precisely one of its main attractions, as this is what gives it its unique and imposing landscapes.

Bateria de Castillitos

Which is also known as C-1

The most perfect moment to get to know Batería de Castillitos it o make a trip there and enjoy spectacular views. We are facing a truly amazing fortification, which we can find in the municipality of Cartagena. To discover it, we have to go to Cabo Tiñoso.

This fortification is located approximately 250 meters high. Its façade draws attention, since its intention was to imitate that of a medieval castle. As if that were not enough, in this case, certain influences are also reflected, not only from modernism but also from eclecticism.


Nature Paradise

Protected natural beach of high landscape value. This beach is located within the regional park Parque Regional de Calblanque, one of the best preserved unspoilt natural
landscapes on the coast. Its enormous natural wealth is based on its arid mountains, its long, ochre and golden-coloured beaches as well as its lonely coves, the formation of its fossil dunes, its white salt lakes and its mountain massifs, which contrast with the blue sea.

Salinas San Pedro

Flamingoes experience

The main attractions of San Pedro are concentrated around the beach and shore. This watery setting, combined with the facilities at its marina, means you can do a great many sports, such as sailing, scuba diving or windsurfing.As well as one of the town’s architectural symbols, the Quintín mill, the surrounding area contains the Salinas de San Pedro del Pinatar Regional Park, a space where a great many species of migratory birds come to nest. You can also benefit from the therapeutic properties of its mud, especially suitable for treating bone and skin aliments.

Sierra Nevada Ski Center

Keep calm and ski on.

The Sierra Nevada Ski and Mountain Resort is Europe’s southernmost. Set in the Penibetico range and 32 km from Granada, it has 105,44 km of runs, with 118 signed pistes for all levels and excellent quality snow. It also has a crosscountry skiing circuit, Snow Park and recreational areas for non-skiers. Night skiing on Saturdays, weather permitting.


Walking tour

A chain of mountains surrounds the plain which Murcia sits upon, a city of Arab origin whose existence is closely linked to the fertile lands around the river Segura. From among its streets of guilds emerges the tower of the Cathedral, one of the symbols of the city.

Although the region of Murcia has been inhabited for more than 2,000 years, the city of Murcia was not founded until 831, when the Emir of Cordoba Abd ar-Rahman II commissioned a walled city on the banks of the river Segura, to be the provincial capital under the Caliphate.

Cabo de Palos


This is an interesting area for scuba diving fans. Its sea bed is one of the most important nature reserves in the Mediterranean.

It is a peninsula, 400 metres wide, dotted with quiet coves and lapped by the crystal-clear sea. The main attraction here, however, is in the sea itself. Hormiga Islands are 2.5 miles away from the coast. The sea bed has been designated an Integral Marine Reserve for its exceptional beauty and excellent state of conservation, and is considered one of the best scuba diving sites in Spain. Here you will find reefs and corral deep underwater, as well as the remains of shipwrecks and sunken boats: a real adventure for scuba fans.


Not all those who wander are lost

The port of Cartagena, in the Mediterranean’s Costa Cálida, has been prized since Carthaginian times. Thanks to its strategic position on the Murcia coast, it has been inhabited by several cultures which have left their mark on its artistic heritage.

A tour of the place and its museums will draw us into the history of a city closely tied to the sea.This maritime enclave was already known to the Carthaginians and Romans, and its name today comes from the Latin, Cartago Nova.

Laberinto de Tentegorra

To be lost is as legitimate a part of your process as being found.

The labyrinth is the largest plant labyrinth in Spain, and one of the largest plant labyrinths in the world. The labyrinth is made up of a variety of Leylandi cypresses, brought from nurseries in central Spain, from two meters
high that prevent the orientation of visitors, its construction lasted several months. It is an interactive labyrinth with twelve doors that allow us to configure the route at our will, to which are joined the two itineraries, one easy, and another more complicated for lovers of challenges. The doors that we find while we walk through the maze are themed, symbolizing each of the twelve signs of the zodiac.


Beach vibes only

From hip bars and restaurants to secluded natural coves, get ready to discover the gorgeous beaches of Murcia. If you’re looking for fabulous weather, Spain is a top destination. Sunbathers will be pleased to know that in some years, it’s possible to catch some rays as early as March.

Impressive mountain landscapes, fine sandy beaches and small, hidden bays – the beaches in Murcia on the Costa Cálida offer over 200 km of often overlooked holiday
potential of a special kind. Various, often lonely, bays, which guarantee bathing in a fantastic mountain scenery.

Top Restaurants

Escuela de Pieter

The restaurant cooking since 1975 is the best gastronomic experience of the La Manga. Being able to rest, sunbathe and disconnect in their hammocks on the beach or on the terrace in a pleasant family atmosphere, where you can enjoy the food and the views.

Enso Sushi

Enso Sushi in Los Belones has been one of our favourite restaurants in the region of Murcia in Spain. We are regulars
throughout the year and it has been consistently excellent for every visit.

Top Experiences

La Manga Golf Club

La Manga Club has always been synonymous
with golf. The prestigious North, South and
West courses, along with Pitch & Putt, offer
different styles to challenge golfers of all

Diving to Shipwreeck

Cabo de Palos is considered one of the best scuba diving sites in Spain. Here you will find reefs and corral deep
underwater, as well as the remains of shipwrecks and sunken boats: a real adventure for scuba fans.

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