Miami towers

Miami Towers Spain is a unique project that combines an exclusive design, an unbeatable location and a superior luxury concept.

Towers in which maximum care has been taken to ensure the exclusivity of their apartments, down to the last detail and thanks to their determined commitment to architecture, interior design and design.





Frequently asked questions​

It is not guaranteed, its growth, its potential or the seasons that each owner will transfer the apartment for tourist use are not yet known. The average profitability of the area is one of the highest in Spain for holiday apartments, according to statistical data, it is around 7 /9%, which is true that MIAMI TOWERS SPAIN is the only super-luxury project created in compliance with all the tourist regulations of the Region of Murcia (Spain), with a professional manager located in the building’s offices, for this reason and together with its unique location between two seas, we are sure that professional tour operators from all over the world will be willing to collaborate to send their clients to spend their holidays in this imposing and majestic tourist residence.

THE RESIDENTIAL HOUSING: It is designed for habitual residence, its use license is a certificate of habitability, its purchase VAT is 10%, its finishes and building services are not demanding when it comes to complying with tourist standards and legalities. If its owner wants to develop tourist rentals, apart from having to manage his tourist license, he must have the approval of the community of owners to carry out this activity, something that is becoming more complicated every day in Spain, his furniture, etc. is not a contract type, contract is a manufacturing of furniture, fabrics and special materials for their durability and resistance (the services are not professional, there is no reception, management on site. It is a home designed for individual and private use.

TOURIST HOUSING Born from its inception for those owners who want to make their properties profitable when they do not occupy them, its VAT is 21% because it is considered as a business, its construction has to comply with all the tourist and legal requirements of the activity, Its furniture and equipment is contract, (reinforced furniture, sofas, fireproof fabrics, washable, etc.) the tourist license has already been granted and its final license is for activity, the complete equipment of the home is mandatory for its perfect and prompt use, the rental It has to be managed at a professional level by a manager, it is mandatory to have a reception at the establishment, tourist information about the area, and billing for all the services offered, check-in and check-out, claims form, deposit, etc.

Al comprar un apartamento turístico y unirse el cliente al gestor profesional su actividad a efectos de IVA comienza a ser de arrendador, con lo cual en la compra de la vivienda, los servicios fiscales de la promotora dará de alta al cliente en el modelo fiscal 036 para solicitar la devolución de IVA ante el ministerio de hacienda Español, dicha solicitud se realiza durante el mes de Enero de cada año y el tiempo de devolución de la cantidad oscila habitualmente entre 8/12 meses desde su petición, la empresa dará soporte fiscal a los clientes hasta que consigan su devolución, contestaciones a Hacienda etc.

Durante los años de actividad el propietario tambien podra compensar el iva de sus gastos e ingresos y liquidaciones de impuestos sobre el beneficio o retención en su caso, servicio que ofrecerá la asesoría de la oficina gestora en el mismo proyecto o asesoría externa, según prefiera cada cliente.

A día de hoy la retención sobre beneficios a no residentes en España pero ubicados en la Unión Europea esta en el 19% del total de la ganancia

The apartment can be sold freely like any other property and the buyer must comply with the corresponding taxes as the initial buyer did, assuming the obligations, rights and regulations of the building.

The owner is obliged by Murcia Tourism law to delegate the management of the rental of the home to a professional Manager registered in tourism. This manager will appoint a Director to coordinate the operation of the resort, maintenance, rental, use of facilities, services. , etc.

The available dates will be those agreed upon between the owners and the manager, with rentals being mandatory by law for a minimum period of one month and to more than one person.

If it is not fulfilled due to not having clients for its occupation, advertising through official means may also be demonstrated. The Manager may and must collaborate if necessary with any online platform, tour operators, etc., in order to give the apartments the greatest possible occupancy and thus achieve the maximum possible profitability for everyone, Manager and owners.

Comisiones: La comisión de servicio a cobrar por la gestora variara dependiendo si el cliente captado es directo o a través de colaboradores, plataformas online, etc, a clientes directos se cobrara un 15% del rendimiento del alquiler total, si las ocupaciones son por clientes enviados por colaboradores comerciales, se aplicaran los honorarios de los mismos, siempre acordado con anterioridad con los propietarios de los apartamentos, entendemos que las colaboraciones nos permitirán siempre tener mayores ocupaciones de las que individualmente podríamos conseguir, así que acuerdos externos siempre favorecerá el rendimiento del apartamento en temporadas altas y bajas

The rates will be adjusted at the time of opening of the establishment, the manager through a market study, taking into account all the variants, quality of the apartments and services will adjust a value for each season, all this will be informed and agreed upon in advance. with the clients.

Yes, tourist apartments are required to have minimum and special civil liability insurance to cover accidents that may occur inside the homes, the Miami Towers manager will manage insurance not only for civil liability but also for all risks with a specialized company, encompassing all the apartments in a single policy and with the ability to manage it by the Manager to be able to deal with accidents or situations in which the insurer must be notified and thus not cause inconvenience, etc. to the owners, also creating a global policy A better price will be obtained for everyone and it will be perfectly affordable and comparable to any normal insurance. Today’s prices according to previous budgets are around €150/€250 per Apartment.

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